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Who doesn’t like to have beautiful looking walls for their favourite buildings? Moreover that’s what makes those comfortable feelings within a place. Wall painting in Dubai can be done very creatively as per the theme of building. There are various types of wall paintings available. Some of the prominent ones include:

1. Matte Painting

Matte colour finish is most popular among women these days! Who can resist the classy look of non-shiny finish? Similar to that of wall painting, there will be no shine to the finish, which makes it suitable for walls and ceilings and functions for the people who doesn’t like distractions. The easy application and solid colour finishing gives a stunning finish. This makes it ideal for older houses or buildings. It can help in removing marks on the walls to an extent. But it may need regular retouch.

2. Matte Enamel Painting

Matte enamel has similarities to matte paint, but the results shows it to be more durable. Moreover it is more durable and easier to clean and hardly needs renovating. It is very much suitable for the places where children play as well as for kitchen which may need lots of wiping and cleaning.

3. Satin painting

It is one of the widely accepted types of interior wall painting but people aren’t aware of what it really deals with. This type of finish stays somewhere between matte and gloss. The results include a subtle shine. It helps in removing stains easily. It is very much suitable for well managed wall construction.

4. Eggshell painting

An eggshell finish definitely has a shine which is less sparkling but will not have the same smoothness like satin. It’s very easy to apply and can often cover well with a single coat, making it a better choice for many people.

5. Semi-gloss painting

Semi-gloss is another common variety of interior painting. But it is mostly used for trim rather than walls. This is appropriate for heavy use and is easy to clean with just soap and water. A single coating of this type can give a complete finished look.

6. Gloss Painting

People who wish to give a bit of more shine to their interiors, this will be the right choice. Usually it is given as an extra coating for woodwork which makes it look better.

Yannco Dubai gives complete options for all types of interior painting and therefore we stands as the best wall painting group in Dubai.

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